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Hi, I’m Chrystal Clifton, Strategist and Success Coach for Business Owners Ready for Transformation.


I have been around business since I was a kid. My grandmother and my dad both owned businesses and although I saw the blessings, I also saw the stress.

They were tired, overworked and never seem to get ahead.

When I became a business owner, I soon realized I was going down the same path. I wanted deeply to create a sustainable business was profitable but didn’t wear me out, but I didn’t know how.

I worked over 15 years to grow two wine businesses from small, unknown brands to internationally recognized and known for their distinguished cultures.

I didn’t always have perfect success, in fact I learned a lot of hard lessons along the way with team work, leadership, customers, profits and more. My businesses and brands grew to over 7 figures and I was what most people would call “very successful”.

However, for many years, my business ran me and my life – not the other way around (Sound familiar..?). I was stressed, overwhelmed, tired and barely keeping up. My health was suffering and so were my relationships.

I finally hit rock bottom in the hospital with threatening news. I had run my body & my life into the ground while chasing success. It was then that I realized a major change had to happen.

There is another way…

to do business.

I started growing my business in a more soulful way; one that grew profits, passion and a life I loved but without depleting my life force!

Now I am passionate and dedicated to working with business owners and leaders so they can have the breakthroughs they need to keep them growing & creating a business and life THEY LOVE.


You too can create sustainable and scalable success!

Do you remember…

what inspired you to start your business?

I’m here to help you find (or re-inspire) your purpose as a business, and as a business owner.


Together, we will bring the heart of your business back to life!

I Work With

Businesses that are…
  • Struggling with stress
  • Suffering from stagnant profits
  • Losing balance in their teams
  • Not getting the clients they want
  • Confused and don’t know what to do next

Work With Me

Business Breakthrough Intensives

Private, in-person or virtual business breakthrough sessions for fast track growth. Grow your quality clients, profits & turn on the momentum to success. NOW!

Fearless Female Business Program

Fearless Female Business program is a group mastermind for women in business who truly want to have it ALL. A business & life that makes them shine with success - increasing all levels of success in a powerful way.

Private Coaching

Private and Personalized mentorship for DEEP transformational change in your business and life. Together we will skyrocket your success without sacrificing your life force!

Online Courses

Learn business & life hacks for unbounded success. Gain the edge on the success & life that you deserve and take your business to a whole new level, all from the comfort of your schedule & location.


“Chrystal has infectious energy and amazing insight on business. Her program helped me leverage new revenue streams and ideas for my business. The WHY piece was huge for me. She truly is dynamic, professional and results oriented. A true breakthrough! My business is thriving, full and I have discovered a new level of profit & success after doing an intensive with Chrystal.”


Kym Luck, Owner & Founder – Vail Stables


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