Today’s Business landscape is welcoming to the traits we carry as women in business. Nurturing email campaigns, connections with our customer, or vulnerable leadership are just a few ways that this shows up in business today.

As stated in the American Express Small Business report In order for us to truly grow our customers, we need to connect with them, we need to know who, what, why & when of our customer. Connection and compassion is a wonderful gift we have as women and should honor it in business in order to understand & connect effectively with our customer.

Relationship marketing is a way that we grow our customer loyalty. As stated in a Forbes article relationship marketing is one of the most important words we can use today when building our marketing campaign. One way we discussed doing this today’s marketing world is through developing a nurturing email campaign.  As we develop these nurturing email campaigns, it allows us to foster strong connections that grow profits and tune into our natural feminine gift of nurture.

As companies build cultures that show that they care about their teams, we also need to problem-solve be analytical and understand the emotional component along side of the analytical data. This helps us present more compelling situations to our teams and our customers. Emotional understanding of situations and problem-solving is a natural ability we have as women and should be boldly brought into our businesses. As women leaders, we have an opportunity to balance emotion and analytics together as we look at how to lead our teams more effectively. Emotions + Analytics is smarter in business according to  this Gartner article

Businesses need to stay adaptable with the times in order to stay stable and grow. As women we are more easily adaptable than men, we are used to keeping up with trends in fashion and adapting in social roles from being wives, girlfriends, mothers, sisters and more. We understand and recognize the need to be adaptable into various situations. In order to stay competitive and relevant in today’s Marketplace, our natural ability skill to adapt is key. Havard Business Review presents how adaptability is an important strategy to giving your business an competitive edge.

In order for a business to increase its profits, power and influence. A leader needs to lead a team with transparency, grace and vulnerability. According to Forbes, Vulnerability is a strength. When a leader is bold and self-aware,  their team will follow them more willingly. When a boss or a business owner has  the courage and strength to be vulnerable it will help sustain strong team & increase productivity. As women, compassion, grace and vulnerability are natural traits that we are ingrained with. Today’s Economic Times want more but authentic vulnerable leadership, which is a calling for us to stand up in our feminine power.

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